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Season "X-TENSION"

Season X has been extended one week to conclude on Sunday, October 13. This also means an additional week to complete your Battle Pass, so jump in and lock down all those Season X rewards!

In the meantime, we have implemented new changes. The v10.40.1 patch note included key improvements to The Combine playlist and the Zone Wars Limited Time Mode. Check out the full Patch Notes here.

Update On New Matchmaking System

So far, we've rolled out the new matchmaking system to select regions for Solo mode, and Duos is expected to arrive later this week.

With the rollout, we've have seen a lot of discussion about potentially unfair competitive advantages from pooling players together across platforms and input devices. 

The New matchmaking system, however, accounts for various skill levels across different platforms and control inputs, and groups players of similar skill levels together.

The goal with the new matchmaking system is to create fairer matches for all of the players, which includes special considerations for each platform.

This means that where similar skill exits, players may be paired against opponents from ALL platforms, - whether they are using mouse + keyboard, a controller, or touch input.

We are closing monitoring match analytics and your feedback, and make adjustments to ensure everyone is playing a fair match.  

On the topic of smurfing, we've seen discussion around players smurfing as a way to have easier matches. Smurfing is a bannable offense. 

We see a bunch of negative behavior that occurs with smurfing and issues with gameplay integrity. If we see consistent report and perceive that you are negatively impacting other player's experiences, we will take appropriate action.  

Latest On Bots

Last week, we saw plenty of discussion about the "Aim High" blog, which covered new changes to aiming with a controller, as well as the debut of new game mode, The Combine. Combing through your questions and feedback, here's more context:

Can we go back to legacy Sensitivity settings for our controller?

You have the option to revert back to previous controller sensitivity settings, but we strongly encourage everyone to give the new settings a try. If controls feel off, you can try copying over your legacy settings.

To do this, navigate to "Controller Settings," turn on"Use advanced options," and scroll down to select "Copy Legacy Settings". If we make further adjustments or alter our plans, we will let you know.

In there any news on control adjustments for keyboard and mouse players?

We know many of you are playing on keyboard and mouse, so we're also discussing opportunities to improve control settings for all of you.

As an example, we're currently exploring an option that would allow KB/M players to adjust Build and Edit sensitivities.

How Long will The Combine be available?

While The Combine was initially intended to help players adjust to our new aiming controls, we've already seen some amazing run-through and believe players will want to continue improving their skills and decreasing their times.

As a result, we intend to keep the Combine as a core mode to Fortnite Battle Royale for the foreseeable future. 

Credit: Epic Games

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