Gur4anov - Community Spotlight

According to the Epic Games Fortnite Team that Gur4anov recently visite Epic HQ and work on a hub for creative mode name " The Factory " which was featured after the 11.20 update. 

Now let's get started!

Q: What made you decide to jump into Creative Mode?

Ans: I've always like doing new things and spent a lot of time in GTA5, where I learned about creating buildings. I also learned how to create deathmatch maps, racing, and hide and seek.

Q: Do you consider yourself more of an artist, level designer, coder or game designer?

Ans: I consider myself more an artist.

Q: What is your favorite Creative Mode Creation? 

Ans: My favorite in no particular order are Carousel Park, Dead Bridge 2 and Fortnite Academy.

Q: Could you explain your creative process?

Ans: To being with, I outline the topic of construction and determine details from several prefabs that are similar in appearance and design. Ideas constantly come in the process of creation. At the beginning of construction, I don't know what I will have when it's done. Sometimes I don't like my work at the beginning of the process but in the end, everything changes!

Q: How do you envision the future of Creative Mode?

Ans: Everyday you can create something new and each update provides even more opportunities. I hope this mode will be the beginning of new mini-games in order to develop into new full-fledged games in the future.

Q: Do you prefer to work alone or as a part of a team? Why?

Ans: Mostly I work alone, but it's better in a good team. The creation process is faster in a team and ideas get refined quickly, which immediately speeds up the process!

Q: Do you have a dream job related to your work in Creative, or do you do it as a hobby?

Ans: It was a hobby but it has long been turned into a dream job, the fact that I was able to go to Epic and work with a team of six people is still amazing to me.

Q: What kind of game to do you like to play?

Ans: Strategic and sports games.

Q: What is your testing process?

Ans: I invite all of my friends to playtest.

Q: Do you ever place Easter Eggs in your maps?

Ans: Yes, but rarely.

Q: Have they all been found?

Ans: Never.

Q: What platform do you create?

Ans: Either on the Playstation 4 or PC.

Q: Is Fortnite the first game you ever created or modded for? 

Ans: I used to created small maps in GTA5, Tropico.

Q: What are your favorite game types in Creative? 

Ans: Team Death and FFA.

Q: When did you start working in Creative?

Ans: From the first day, as soon as the creative mode appeared, Since then, for me, there are no other games.

Q: What was your favorite non Fortnite creation that you have made to date?

Ans: Designer ceiling for an apartment!

Thank you, Gur4anov! Be sure to follow Gur4anov on Youtube to see all of his latest creations.

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