Fortnite Twine Peak Rewards

Twine Peaks Rewards

Twine Peaks 100+ 4 player missions will be getting a rewards buff! Pure Drop of Rain are receiving a 25% increase for PL 140 Non - 4 Player Missions (Example: if you would have earned 64 Pure Drop of Rain before, now you will earn 80 Pure Drop of Rain)

Evolution material rewards have been increased for all 4 Player Missions over PL 100, with PL 140 missions receiving an additional increase in rewards on top of the general improvement to evolution material Drop. Check out some specific examples below:

  • A 4 player Mission that would have rewarded 168 Pure Drop of Rain in a PL 108 zone prior to the 10.30 update will now reward 256 Pure Drop of Rain.
  • A 4 player mission that would have rewarded 168 Pure Drop of Rain in a PL 140 zone prior to the 10.30 update will now reward 320 Pure Drop of Rain.

Note: These are just examples, you may find yourself earning more or less than these examples depending on how many badges you earn during a mission.

Mission Badges & Mission Rewards

Earning badges increase the amount of rewards you earn! When you earn a badge for completing a bonus objective like "Find the Atlas Quickly" or badges for combat, building, and utility, you increase the total amount of rewards you will earn upon successfully completing the mission. The values of these badges are different from mission to mission, varying in value based on how long, difficult, and resource-intensive the mission is. The treasure chest levels at the end of the mission roughly reflect this, but the bar being filled at the bottom is important too. For example, there's a difference in the amount of rewards received between a Level 3 Chest with an empty bar and a Level 3 Chest with an almost full bar. If you want to receive the maximum rewards out of a single mission, make sure you earn those badges!

Credit Story to : Epic Games

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