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Last Week to Qualify for FNCS Season X Finals

This upcoming weekend is the last opportunity for players to qualify for the Fortnite Champion Series Finals! Qualifying can be done in one of two ways:

Weekend's Top Teams

The first way to qualify is to be one of the top-performing teams for this weekend. In order to be eligible, all players must have reached Champion league in the Arena during Season X.

Then, compete in your region's qualifier this weekend. The top 4 or 8 teams (depending on region size) will earn an automatic qualification into the heats.

FNCS Points

The second way is by earning a spot is through consistency in all qualifier weekends. This is determined by the amount of FNCS points your team has earned. This weekend is your last chance to earn these points to push your Trio into one of these spots.

Drop-in this weekend for the last chance to try and earn your team's place! The Finals will begin on Friday, September 20th, with the top teams in every region battling it out for their chance to be crowned the first-ever Season Champions.

Ziplines Disabled

On September 6th, we disabled ziplines on the map due to an issue. We've since identified a fix for this and are working to roll it out during our next game update.

For the time being, Ziplines will remain disabled, so you should keep that in mind when planning your rotations, inventory, and drop spots heading into the final qualifying week of FNCS.

Note: Depending on your in-game graphic and game settings, Ziplines could still be visible at far-away distances.

Qualified Players: Team Trading & Disbanding Rules

As we head into the final qualifying week of the FNCS, we've been seeing an increase in questions from qualified players about how to swap teammates or create a new Trio Team. So here's an overview of how forming a new trio and swapping players work.

Rule 4.2.2

Players may only participate on one team at a time throughout each session. If a team qualifies for Stage 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series, all players will be jointly locked for the stage, unless they unanimously decide as a team to forfeit their spot for that stage.

If a qualified team wants to play again with different partners (form a new team) all players involved will be removed from the further stage previously achieved.

This means that all qualified players are locked into a Trio unless they wish to disband their team. Disbanding a qualified team would require for all 3 of the players to each send an email unanimously agreement this.

Players must email with the subject line "FNCS Disband" from the email associated with their Epic Games account to complete this action.

Additionally, qualified teams have the ability to perform a one time trade with other qualified teams, per rule 4.27

Rule 4,27

Without limiting Section 4.2.2, teams that qualify for the Season Finals may perform a one-time trade of one of their players with another single player from a different team that has also qualified for the Season Finals within the same region.

This trade must occur before the trade deadline prior to the start of the Group Stage on September 17, 2019 at 11: 00 PM EST. 

All Six (6) involved players must unanimously agree and request the trade by contacting an Event Administrator, reachable via email at

This means that if two teams who have already qualified would like to exchange a player, they must have all 6 players send separate emails to with the details of the trade.

Please use the subject line "FNCS Trade" for this type of communication. If these actions are performed, then the one-time trade will be approved. You can find all the rules for the FNCS here.  

Players who have not already qualified may freely swap team members without contacting Epic for approval. However, each new set of three players is classified as its own unique team, and points from a different set of three players will not carry over.

Credit Story to: Epic Games

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