Disable Fortnite glider re-deploying in the v6.3 update

Epic Games is finally getting rid of the glider re-deploy functionality in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Glider Re-deploying in Fornite

All the players will no longer be able to use the glider re-deploy mechanic in the Solos,Duos,and Squads game modes.The changes come two weeks afteer re-deploying was introduced into the game.

The change comes after growing concerns from the Fortnite community, since many users were complaining about the game being too fast, too reckless, and less fun, It allowed players to traverse the map quickly with no punishment for the being high in the sky. It also made other modes of transportation obsolete,like the all terrain kart, the quadcrasher,and the bouncepad.

The re-deploy functionality will still be available for use in larger team modes,though,like Soaring'50s and Disco Domination as well as in Playground.This is so that they can continue to experiment with its functionality within tge game and the competitive meta.

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