Cozy Campfire will update soon

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Players will be able to interact with environmental Cozy Campfires soon.

The current iteration of Fortnite's Cozy Campfire is an item that is placed on the ground and heals everyone sitting around it.It burns for 25 seconds before fizzing out,making it a pretty good choice for a group healing session.

There were some adjustment made to the Cozy Campfire in v7.20 which were:

  • Drop chance from floor loot increased from 0.26% to 0.73%.
  • Drop chance from floor loot Llamas increased from 6.63% to 15.4%.

Here is what Epic Games has said about the update of the cozy campfire:

" Thanks for the idea! We are deploying a change soon that will extend the campfire gameplay further by allowing players to interact with the existing campfires found throughout the environment. Interact with the wood pile in order to light the fire. From that point on it behaves just like a Cozy Campfire: healing nearby players and burning out after 25 seconds."

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