8 Ball VS Scratch Mission Overtime Challenges

Down below is some information about the New 8 Ball VS Scratch mission that you guys need to complete this mission and win the rewards.

First, you need to reach Battle Pass Tier 60  and complete 8-Ball VS Scratch Mission Objectives.

  • Earn Bronze Battle Medals by getting three eliminations in a match.
  • Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside in three different matches
  • Dance at Rainbow Rentals, Beach Bus, and Lake Canoe
  • Swim at two different No Swimming signs
  • Deal 75 damage with a Harpoon Gun to opponents
  • Gain Health or Shields in a bush
  • Search the hidden gnome found in between Fancy View a wooden shack, and a big house
  • Bounce on bouncy objects in three different matches
  • Visit mountain Base Camps (1)
  • Travel 100 meters while dancing

The rewards after complete the 8-Ball VS Scratch mission

  • New Stylee for the 8-Ball vs Scratch Outfit
  • New Style for the Bank Shot Pickaxe
  • New Style for the Ball Bling Back Bling
  • New Style for the Crazy Eight Glide

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