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Junky Junction Top view | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Overview of Junky Junction you can see a lots of destroyed cars stack on top of each other and 1 main kinda look like factory in the middle. It is a very small compound and a lot of tight spot to play in. Taking risky close shot is unnecessary because there are a lot of angle to hold in between. Junky Junction is also a good place to farm IRON when there are no enemies around. Destroyes some stack car to get iron. 

Chest Spots:

There are 5 Chest spots that will alway spawn in Junky Junction : 

1.Basketball Court

First Chest location in Junky Junction | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Nobody really notice this chest because most player try to get into the middle so if you have a bad drop or bad landing just try to drop in this basketball court instead.

2. Factory Rooftop

Second Chest location in Junky Junction | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Here is where most players drop in Junky Junction, They drop here because of this chest and it is not worth it to risk and get that chest unless you land faster than them but even you have a better chance landing faster than them you still have to broke the roof in other to get it which give a late drop player more chance to land directly on the items that you get out of the chest.

3. Next to the excavator

Third Chest Location in Junky Junction | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Another cheeky chest that dosen't really hide but mostly unnotice.  This chest is really good for late drop because you can spot whether enemies land here or not. This may help you to raise position awareness.

4. In Factory Window

Fourth Chest location in Junky Junction | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Here is a another chest that is close to the rooftop. This chest is rarely get notice because player have to broke the wall in other to get inside. There are no door or path to get inside beside breaking it. It's gonna take quite a while after you drop.

5. Inside the square destroyed car cover by wall

Fifth Chest location in Junky Junction | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

This is because i broke the wall in other to get the picture but in real situation there is a wall to cover the chest you can either come up from the back or just destroy the wall directly or the best way to get this chest is drop directly into this place.

And that are the 5 chest location that will spawn inside Junky Junction. Hope you like it.

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