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Trap is a Uncommon item that have in Fortnite Battle Royal.This item is really useful to cause the damgae to the enemy if all the player know how to use it in the right way.This item also have 3 types Spike trap, Wall zapper, Celling zapper. This Item can be place on any surface that accepts traps.When the trap is on the placement mode it will swap between, floor, cell, wall it depend on where the player placed it.

Trap | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide


  • Trap have trigger range and effect range.For the majority of traps have 1 tile or both.
  • Trap have the reload time,which mean the times between the trap trigger.
  • Trap have durability.
  • When thr trap run out of durability,It will disappear automatically.
  • Trap cannot repaired when we already use it,but the surface that you placed the trap can.
  • Remember trap can not remove if you already placed it.But if you want to remove you need to destory the surface that you placed the trap or wait for the durability run out.

Trap is a very good item to use. Trap can be use perfectly and very strong if player use it correctly. Trap can be place behind the wall, on the floor,on the top floor and player can use it as an execute bait as well by putting mini shield or some good items to lure player into the trap bait.

Activate Durations | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

1 second.

Details | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Trap enemy and dose 150 damages including shield. Deal no damage on players character.


Date and VersionChanges
6.10 Patch Notes(October,16,2018)Bug Fixes: Fixed inconsistencies the damage trap not triggering properly.
Patch 5.0(July,12,2018)Bug Fix: Reduced volume for the floor damage trap to better match visauls and prevent triggering when standing on ledges above.
Patch 4.5(June,27,2018)Bug Fix: Spike traps placed on celling no longer damage player on the floor above.
Hotfix(June,6,2018)Trap damage increased from 75 to 150
Patch 4.3(May,30,2018)Trap no longer wait for the player to built the structure to finish building before triggering.
Patch 4.2(May,16,2018)

.Decreased damage from 125 to 75

.Reset time decreased from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.

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