Stink Bomb

Stink Bomb is a kind of poisonous grenade that have in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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When we throw this grenade it will creates a kind of yellow-ish stinky gas smoke that lasts 9 seconds,and it cause 5 damage every half-second and also bypasses the shields.The thrower of the Stink Bomb can be damaged within the area of effect while teammates will not get any damage from it.   

The Stink Bomb drops in stacks of 3 with a maximum stack size of 6 and can be found in Floor Loot,Chests,Supply Llamas, and Vending Machines.


  • Stink Bomb is really useful for the players to check out the building,structures or house,if you  are not sure that whether there is an enemy hiding inside the building or not,so you need to use this stink bomb to force them out of the building and you can kill them easily.
  • Some of beginner player don't know that the stink bomb can combined with the thermal scope assault rifle and really useful to kill the enemy.You can throw the stink bomb to the place that the enemy stay inside there and use the thermal scope AR to track enemies.
  • When you was chasing by the enemy and they trying to kill you so use the stink bomb to respite the eyes of the enemy by combo with 3 stink bomb throw it on the ground it will create a big yellow smoke wall,so you can reposition and make the enemy confuse and try to find out the location of your enemy then shoot them back in the head.


Date and VersionChanges
5.40 Patch Notes(September 6,2018)

Weapon + Items

  • Increaed maximum stack size for Stink Bomb from 5 to 6.
5.10 Patch Notes(July 24,2018)

Weapon + Items

  • Removed Boogie bombs,Grenade,Bandages,Stink Bombs,Port-a-Fort,and Bush.
4.4 Patch Notes(June 19,2018)
  • Stink Bomb Added.
  • Creates a stinky cloud that deals 5 damage every half-second within the cloud.
  • 9 second duration.
  • Epic rarity.
  • Can be found from floor loot,chest,and vending machines.
  • Loot in stacks of 3 with a maximum stack of 5.

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