Shockwave grenades

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Impulse Grenades | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Shockwave Grenades is similar to impulse grenades, It a bounce grenades that help you bounce to escape or go close to enemies. but the different is that shockwave grenades will bounce you further, faster and higher.

Use to Break roofs:

One of the useful thing of shockwave grenades is we can use this item to break through the roofs over you.If you build upon by the enemy, you will took long time to break out of the wall or the structure around you,but it's not the problem for the shockwave greanades you can easily break through the wall or the roof above you.This can be surprise the enemy above you think that they have a high ground advantages against you as you was trapped.

Get Aggressive:

Here is the another good thing of this shockwave grenades item is that you can use it to charge aggressively towards an enemy that surpise the enemy.Tips to get more aggressively is you shoud build a ramp atfer that throwing the shockwave grenades forward while running towards it.This tip will help you to and push higher and increase your speed. After that your enemy will completely get stunned with this tip then when you land, you will not get any damage.

Activate Durations | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

2 seconds to bounce.

Details | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Bounce player in long distance, faster. Use it for escaping enemy or pusing it. Bounce who ever step on it.

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