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Campfire is a very good items to have with you. It doesn't consume a slot in weapons. Campfire has it own slot. Campfire heal you 2% per seconds and it last 25 seconds which mean 50%. Campfire is very good when you use it as a combo with bandage, you can heal to 75% very fast.Here is the campfire fortnite tips below will make sure you never waster your campfire anymore: 

Campfire | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

The first rule of using cozy campfire item is to make sure that you find the right place that there is no enemy around there or be protected as best as you can. Camping a cozy campfire at the widely place and just stading in the same area is not a good idea and really a risky play.So you could try to move around and avoid from the gunfire that come from the enemy,by the way good players still easily take you down,so instead of that the only way to keep you safe is building the structure around you to make you sure fully protected. 

Cozy Campfire Fortnite | zilliongamer your game guide


Getting a half-heal in just 25seconds is the good idea,but it is not the best way to health up with campfire when you have med kit will offer a full heal in less than 25seconds.By the way building a couple campfire together can increase your health from1 to 100 in just over 25seconds.

Placing the double campfire next to each other and the player is standing between them it will increase more benefits for the players.It mean you will get 4 hp regen per second for the full 25seconds.This is also the good way to get 100 health and fully recover then bring you back to the battle without wasting and slot of your inventory.

Double Campfire Fortnite | zilliongamer your game guide


Activate Durations | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide


Details | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Heal 2% per seconds , Last 25 seconds. 

Total = 50%.

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