How to get Infinity Blade

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Sword have just released in Fortnite Battle Royale. First,it seemed like this weapon was going to be a high-powered pickup in the regular game,but it turns out instead to be an Infinity Gauntlet-style unique pickup that transforms its wielder into a supercharged death machine.This isn't just a normal sword ,but it's the Infinity Blade the most powerful weapon of Epic Games"Infinity Blade series and a major turning point in the history of high-end graphics and complex gameplay on mobile devices.

How to get the Infinity Blade

To get this Weapon you guys need to go to the castle a Polar Peak,Where it hide in a pedestal in the courtyard. The peak has melted a bit since last week,and there's now a bit more of the cast poking through even if the map doesn't quite reflect that yet.Here is where you are going,though again the map does not yet reflect the changes.Just look for the Courtyard,it hard to miss: 

Infinity Blade Location | Fortnite - zilliongamer

As you might imagine,this area is completely, 100% insane right now,with what seems like every player in the game trying to get this weapon.Note If you want to pick up this weapon it take 5 seconds or so to actually pick it up,so the first stage of the match is people wildly pickaxing each other right on top of the pedestal until there's nobody left to pickaxe.

When you get the Infinity Blade, However the game changes.The Infinity Blade doesn't just give you powerful new attacks,it gives you increased speed,health and shields as well as regeneration on kills.It will turn you into the Killing monster in the game,as well as the biggest target.But when you get this weapon you can not carry more on you it mean all the weapons that you have are drops except the infinity blade.

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