Week 10 Qualifiers Competitive Rule & Payment Update

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Epic Games are jumping into recent competitive rulings and an update on payment status.Last week they wrapped up their competitive AMA if you missed any of the questions or answers check out here.

Week 10 World Cup Qualifiers

Epic Games announced earlier this week that they are moving the dates for the week 10 Fortnite World Cup Online Open.The Semi-Finals will now take place on Thursday,June 20th,while the Finals will take place on Friday,June 21st.They will also be doubling the prize pool for Week 9 and Week 10,for a new total of $2,000,000 for each tournament.The schedule and timing for week 9 will remain the same.

For week 10,the start time for each region will begin one hour later than the previous week's scheduled tournaments.When in doubt,consult the in-game tournament times.

Remember,this is your last chance to qualify for the Finals in New York City.Best of luck!


Back in early May,Epic Games posted their Competitive Payments blog to give you better visibility into their payment process for Fortnite Competitive play.Since then,they've been regularly updating the blog with the latest payments status for each of their previous tournaments.As they've continued to process payments each week for confirmed winners,they've also been working on a scalable payments solution of handle cash prize payments for the Fortnite World Cup Online Open winners,Creative Trails winners and beyond.While they've made significant progress towards this new payment solution,they still have a few more administrative pieces to finalize before they can launch it publicly.In the meantime,they will continue to process their payment blog and issue payments as quickly and efficiently as possible using their manual solution.For the latest on payment progress updates,be sure to continue to check their competitive payments blog

Competitive Teaming Rulings

Epic Games access penalties for teaming scenarios based on their penalty matrix.Initial infractions and first time offenses include disqualification and forfeiture of prizes from a given event and 14-day competitive ban.Repeated infractions or increased severity,such as evident teaming across multiple matches or coordinating against an opponent,results in a more severe penalty.

For more information on their previous teaming rulings,check out their Week 3 competitive update blog.   

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