Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Skins

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Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Skins- After the released of Fortnite patch v6.31data miners have been working really hard browsing and trying to find a new skins through game files. Currently there are 2 skins and 2 backbling that has been found but there are no confirmation from Epic Game themselve yet. The skins any way expected to come in the upcoming week. 

Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Skins | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Here are a sneak peak of the 2 Leaked Skins and 2 Leaked Backbling Skins:

Leaked Skins name: Longshot
Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Skins name : Longshot | Fortnite - zilliongamer Quote: "No Target is Out of Range"
Rarites: (Rare)

Leaked Backbling Skins name: Scope Satchel
Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Skins backbling name: Scope Satchel | Fortnite - zilliongamerQuote: " Expertly Sighted"
Rarites: "Rare"

Leaked Skins Name: Insight
Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Skins name: Insight | Fortnite - zilliongamer
Quote: "Target in Sight"
Rarities: "Rare"

Leaked Backbling Skins name: Sight Sling
Fortnite v6.31 Leaked Backbling Skins name: Sight Sling | Fortnite - zilliongamer
Quote: "Expertly Sighted"
Rarities: "Rare"

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