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Epic Games has been update to reveal that a new vehicle called the Driftboard is coming soon to the game.The Driftboard would be the second vehicle added to the game since the beginning of Season 7, after the X-4 storming plane introduced to the game at the beginning of the new season in the V7.00 Update.

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There is very little information about the Driftboard available at the moment,however Epic Games have confirmed that the item will only hold one person at a time,meaning unless you can find a number of them together,they won't be useful for squads looking to rotate around the map. 

Here is the Official Twitter Fortnite Games posted: 

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It's basically a snowboard,minus any proper bindings for your feet,which doesn't seem like a great idea from a safety standpoint but does lend it a certain high-tech,Back to the Future visual style.It's also presumably a one-person-only-ride don't see a lot of room for passengers on there,although it would be cool if you could a buddy up on your shoulders and ride the slopes double-decker style.

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