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Here is the good new for the Fortnite Mobile Players that Epic Games has that they recently added a 60 Fps option on compatible IOS devices(Ipad Pro will follow with the next patch) 

60 FPS Mobile | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Here are some devices that can set up the setting to get 60 FPS.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR

We already know that playing the online game like Fortnite all the players required the better FPS.FPS is really important to give all the players a good quality graphic,better move and no more lag when they have team fight.The more FPS the better quality you have.

We've gone through extensive tests to make sure the game can maintain such high frame-rates for a number of matches without overheating or deteriorating the overall experience over the course of a match.Higher frame rates are great,but if it's only for a few minutes it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Tips: Playing at 60 FPS will drain your battery more quickly, so for now,the default setting remains 30 FPS and you will need to enable 60 FPS in the settings menu.

However,we know the Android players are curious about whether they will see the same improvements. While Epic Game don't currently have a timeline,the team is working on Android optimizations together with phone manufacturers,that will hopefully allow us to support 60 Fps on certain high-end Android devices.

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