The Fortnite World Cup Record Setting Tournament

Over 40 million players participated.Only the Fortnite World Cup Champions remain standing.The best Fortnite players in the world met in New York City July 26- 28 to compete in the $30 million Fortnite World Cup Solo and Duos Finals,$3 million Creative Finals and $3 million Charity Pro-Am.This event was the culmination of 10 weeks of $1 million Online Open Qualifiers with more than 200 countries participating.

Over 19000 fans attended the three-day Fortnite World Cup Finals in person at the sold-out Arthur Ashe Stadium.On Sunday during the solo Finals,concurrent viewers peaked at over 2.3 million across Youtube and Twitch,making the Fortnite World Cup the most-watched competitive gaming event(excluding China)of all time.These numbers do not include fans watching in-game and on other streaming and social media platforms.We couldn't have hosted such an event and showcased the top Fortnite players without your support.Thank you to the entire Fortnite community!

Congratulations to the first Fortnite World Cup Champions:

Fortnite World Cup Solos Winners: $3,000,000

Bugha (@bugha)

See the full Solos Finals Standing Here.

Fortntie World Cup Duos Winners: $3,000,000 (split)

Aqua (@aquaa)

Nyhrox (@nyhrox)

See the full Duos Finals Standings Here.

Fortnite World Cup Creative Winners: $1,345,000 (Split)

Cizzorz (@cizzorz)

Hiimtylerh (@hiimtylerh)

Suezhoo (@suezhoo)

Zand (@zandOfficial)

See the full Creative Finals StandingsHere.

Fortnite World Cup Charity Pro-Am: $1,000,000 (Split)

Airwaks (@airwaks)


See the full NYC Pro-Am Standings Here.

Missed the festivities? Watch the Creative Finals + Pro Am,Duos Finals, and Solo Finals broadcasts.

What's next for Competitive Fortnite?

Starting with Fortnite's upcoming Season X,players will compete weekly with the gold of becoming Fortnite Season X Champions will millions of dollars at stake.We're also adding a leaderboard so you can track your progress and follow your favorite players in the quest to become Season Champs.

Follow Fortnite Competitive on Twitter (@FNCompetitive) to stay up to date and get all the details for the Fortnite Champion Series in our upcoming overview blog.

Credit Story to: Epic Games

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