Wargames And Endurance Rewards Updates

Hey Fortnite Friends,

We wanted to give everyone a heads up regarding some upcoming changes that we're making to Wargames and Endurance mode.Let's hop in:

Wargames and Endurance are here to stay in the next season and beyond as permanent game modes.With Season 9 coming to a close,seasonal tickets will no longer be offered as a reward for Wargames Quest and Wargames Mission Rewards.We are also taking this time of transition to address some issues with Wargames and Endurance rewards.

At the start of the upcoming season,Mission Rewards for Wargames will be reduced so that consistently AFKing through Wargames is less appealing.To compensate for this change,the Daily Wargames Quests now give increased rewards specific to Stonewood,Plankerton,Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.In addition,the "Husk Swarm" challenge will be removed as this challenge was to easy to AFK.

  • Stonewood Daily Wargames Quests will reward additional Gold
  • Plankerton Daily Wargames Quests will reward Gold and a choice of Evolution Materials
  • Canny Valley Daily Wargames Quests will reward Gold and RE-PERK!
  • Twine Peaks Daily Wargames Quests will reward Gold and a choice of Epic PERK-UP! or Legendary PERK-UP!

Reward are being reduced in the earlier waves of Endurance.These earlier waves are easier to play through,the challenge of Endurance increasing as the waves progress.We are saving the best rewards for players who are properly challenging themselves to achieve higher wave completions.

We are thrilled to see players completing Endurance Mode and the various Wargames simulations and challenges,experiment with new trap layouts and sharing their experiences with the community.We hope these changes to Wargames and Endurance will incentivize players to participate in a variety of mission types.  

Credit Story to : Epic Games

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