v8.50 Patch Notes

Welcome to v8.50 Patch Notes Update Page! Wanna know what's new in this update check out more information below:

EndGame Limited Time Mode

Join the Battle for the Infinity Stones! Fight as Chitauri and Thanos or Wield Avengers items in the EndGame LTM

For more detail about the Endgame LTM click here.

Fortnite Endgame Trailer:

Video is credit to: Fortnite

Weapons + Items

Bugs Fixes & Improvements

  • The Hold to swap functionality is now confirmed upon releasing the Use button rather than when initially pressing it.
    • This should help with the issue of accidentally swapping.
  • If a player is eliminated by a fall damage while inside a vehicle, the player that last damaged that vehicle will receive the credit for that elimination.
  • Re-enabled hit markers to be server-side authoritative instead of client-side.
    • This will help prevent instances where players see hit markers but no damage.
  • Players that were Rebooted into rifts were teleporting into the sky but would not enter the skydiving mode.
  • Vehicles were not getting impulsed away from the Reboot van.
  • Collision for the Reboot van was not affecting some vehicles, allowing them to hide inside of the Reboot Van.
  • The yellow"invulnerability" effect wasn't appearing on players who were revived by the Reboot Van.
  • The Reboot Card was still playing its spawn sound even if the player disconnected.
  • Dropping inventory item while in vehicles with weapons is now block to prevent various camera issues.
  • Traps were occasionally being placed in the middle of tile rather than against a wall when using Builder pro.
  • When exiting vehicles. the equip animation will now always play before weapons can be fired.
    • This will prevent the issue where players would occasionally see themselves fired right after exiting a vehicle before the server had time to register the shot.
  • The elimination feed text will no longer display the"eliminated by ally" message if an ally interrupts a player reboot animation.
  • Fall damage was being taken when using a jetpack(in supported limited-time modes)after being launched from the Pirate Cannon.
  • Player was not able to negate fall damage using a Flintlock Pistol while crouching.
  • The player couldn't see the nameplates of party member's Reboot Cards in the UI.
  • The player would not drop a Reboot Card if they were eliminated after confirming a Reboot but before their teammate actually spawned. 


Bugs Fixes & Improvements

  • We've resolved an issue that was preventing the correct amount of Survival XP From being granted after games and have gifted XP to players as compensation.
    • You'll receive compensation via the Gifting System.

Art + Animation

  • We've added a unique animation for petting the dog and other pets.


  • Added sound Visualizer without Spatialization (panning) of sound in-game.
    • By introducing this mode, if you are a hearing-impaired player, then you will now be able to play the game with audio and the visualizer turn on simultaneously!


  • The reactive effects were not working properly for the Marshmello outfits.
  • MSAA anti-aliasing enabled on P30 Pro,Mate 20, Mate 20x.
  • The interact button now has context-sensitive icons.
  • You can now move while the map is open by providing input on the left side of the screen.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved a cause of significant hitching during skydiving. and during late-game combat.


  • Various gameplay sounds (gunfights, walking, reloading) will no longer retrigger at incorrect/random times.
    • This was causing "ghost" sounds to be heard when nothing was causing the actual sound effect.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause certain things to not have looping audio when they should.


  • When healing with foraged Banana or Apples, the full visual effects were not playing when viewed in replays.


  • Made improvements to stability and to resolve some crashes.
  • Made performance improvements on the Ipad Mini 4 and Air 2.
  • The movement joystick was not appearing on the HUD for certain devices.
  • Push notifications were not being sent after updates finished downloading.
  • Blocked players on player's friend lists were not appearing as "Blocked".
  • The fire button and right fire-stick would not function after anchoring the Baller grapple with tap to fire.
  • The right-fire-stick was not allowing camera movement while in the Baller.
  • The Baller grapple was not releasing on the first tap.
  • Players could get stuck in an infinite fire loop after exiting the baller while it was anchored with grapple.
  • Double-tapping was required to detach the Baller's grapple when using tap to fire.
  • There were visual issues on the Back Button in the menus. 
  • Voice chat icons from players set to"sit out" were not appearing.
  • Ammo boxes weren't opening.
  • The confirm and cancel buttons in Squad Management were difficult to touch/interact with.
  • The option menus were closing the unapplied changes was closing the entire menu instead of just the popup prompt.
  • Menu icons could be removed from the HUD layout tool.
  • Vehicle boost icons were appearing different between viewing them in a match vs in the HUD Layout Tool screen.
  • The score tracking widget can now be removed from the Mobile HUD
  • Score Tracking widget can now be removed from Mobile HUD.
  • It was difficult to see character and weapon animations while using the Boom Bow.
  • The map widget was setting its anchors inappropriately when moved in the HUD layout tool, making some attached game mode UI push the map widget off the screen.
    • You may need to reset the map widget in the HUD layout tool to resolve this issue.

Credit to: Epic Games Fortnites.

Fortnite Endgame
Limited Time Mode : EndGame

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