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Epic Games just Released new event into the Fortnite Battle Royale called Share The Love Event! In celebration of Valentine's Day and here are some information about this event below:

Support a Creator Reward

  Share the Love favorite Creator | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Player who currently support a Creator or enter a Creator Code between February 8-22 will receive the free Cuddle Heart Wrap.You will receive the item wrap when the v7.40 update releases.

Overtime Challenges & Rewards

Share the Love Rewards | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Did you complete your 10 weekly Challenges and are looking for more? We have you covered! Starting with the v7.40 release,all players will have access to new,additional Overtime Challenges.Complete these challenges by the end of the Season to unlock 5 new rewards including the valentine Wrap and Vines Contrail. 

And for the Battle Pass owners,the Overtime Challenge rewards will include new unlockable styles for the Trog,Powder,and Onesie Outfits.

Double XP Weekends

All players will receive double XP during the weekends of February 15-17 and 22-24. Level up your Battle Pass before the season ends.

Featured Island Frenzy

Celebration the brilliance of community creators with a rotating set of featured islands,appearing Fortnite Creative Every Single Day.The Featured Island Frenzy will start of February 12 and ends on February 22.Show your support by jumping into Creative each day and playing with friends.


Announcing the"Share the Love"Competitive Series.We will run several placement matches on the weekend of February 9 and 10,placing top performers directly into the higher divisions based on their performance.Some new features in the tournament system will be used during the "Share the Love" Competitive Series with more unlocking with the v7.40 update.

Players will unlock the next division by earning a pin during any daily session.Players who manage to earn a pin during a Champion Division session will unlock access to the Champion Division Finals to take place February 23 and 24.

Here is the special sprays related to the "Share the love"Competitive Series for each division of the competition.

Share the Love Spray | Fortnite - zilliongamer

In Short,this event will bring so much fun for the Fortnite Fans by joining the challenges of Share The Love event and get back the special rewards.This event will ends on February 27,right before the arrival of Season 8.

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