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With some of the key player's outlined in the Competitive Veterans blog and Dark Horses blog now having context.this blog will focus on some of the potential interactions that could be seen in the early game.Since Battle Royale middle and end games can be very unpredictable,the one data point that is relatively consistent is early game drops.Using data from the online open qualifiers,let's breakdown some of the fights and faceoffs that we could see on the stage in New York City.

Multiple qualified players sharing drop spots and loot paths with one another means that sparks are bound to fly when feet hit the ground at the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City.Choosing where to drop and loot is what defines the rest of the game in terms of what items and utility can be acquired match to match.Each point of Interest on the map offers something different to every player who drops out to the Battle Bus.These difference could range from vending machines,slipstreams,a central map location,more chests/floor loot,mat distribution,as well as many other factors.Each spot also has different elevations,layouts and buildings,favouring certain types of playstyles and patterns which competitive players are very mindful of and practice on a daily basis.With so many shared drop spots and POIs by competitors,who will win each matchup? Which region will claim a spot and leave a mark on the map for other to beware of?Let's take a look at some of the key early game match-ups and confrontations we could see based off of their Fortnite World Cup Online Open Qualifier drop spots.

Solo Early Game Battles

Happy Hamlet.A drop spot with three vending machines,36 chests,and loot spread out and segmented by houses.Tight angles indoors,but wide angles when peering over the town,is the reason happy hamlet is one of the most contested spots coming into the Fortnite World Cup Finals.Looking at everyone's drop spots from which they qualified during the open weeks,eight players(Clarity,Takamuramm,Evilmare,Emqu,Drakonz,Lyght,Luneze,and Mr Savage)all land for a Hamlet house as their early game bread and butter strategy.There is no safety net at happy Hamlet either,as other competitors will have taken all the alternate loot paths early.This make Happy Hamlet one of strongest looting spots on the map for an all-in strategy where players will have to make a judgement call on whether or not the risk is worth taking.With only six games to play,every match has to count to its full potential if you want a spot in the top ten overall.But will anyone switch their drop spots up and throw away tons of practice for a safer chance to make it out of early game?Or is the risk worth the reward at the end with a possibility to fight a potential eight to twelve people before the game really gets rolling?

The northwest corner of the map is another key section to keep an eye on.During the qualifiers Vivid,Nittle and Klusia all landed junk junction during Solos.The winner of this battle would then typically rotate east to loot,but they then run into one of the more contested areas:The block.This POI is typically being battled out by Tfur and Kolorful from NAEast,and Nicks and Clipnode from the South American servers.With each player qualifying in separate weeks in a completely different Block experience,lessons learned and fighting styles developed here need to be re-learned with each Block update.Depending on which Block is selected for the Fortnite World Cup,competitors could be at a big advantage based off a Block that promotes engagements,is easily traversable,has lots of loot,or includes a large amount of mat variety.

Duos Early Game Battles

Two of the most dominant teams in the competition shared a drop spot during the Online Open Qualifiers,and it will be interesting to see who will come out on top if they collide.Stompy and Tschiinken will be facing off directly across from the NAEast young titans of Dubs and Megga at Frosty Flights.Both teams are incredibly isolated at Frosty,so whoever gets the lower initial drop could end up at a significant advantage.A key not her is that Dubs and Megga can be a bit inconsistent,bu tend to have the higher ceiling in terms of being able to produce high elimination matches.If they get forced out early by the European favorites,it cloud prove disruptive.However,Stompy and Tschiiinken tend to fina a lot more of their success and eliminations in the mid to end game.This means that if Dubs and Megga can be the upper hand and put the other Duo on the back foot,it could derail what many see as the top contending Duo From coming in and getting their gameplay rolling.Whoever is able to leave Frost victorious will be at a huge advantage,even if they just manage to force the other Duos out.There is not a lot of easily accessible loot in the surrounding areas,and plenty of teams will be lurking to catch the rotations.

Neo Tilted

Another early game POI to keep an eye on is the newly renovated Tilted Towers.Neo Tilted was home to four very talented Duos,who both split drop directly on top of each other.This has the potential to lead to some very hectic fights early on between some of the strongest eliminators in the field.Let's break down the matchups by Duos and who they would be facing off against in their respective one versus one.

The first set of duos is none other than Mongraal and Mitr0,one of the other favorites coming out of Europe,being matched up against the fast paced aggressive Duo of Parpy and Volx from Oceania.These Duos tend to occupy the two central buildings,with Parpy and Mongraal landing on top of the Durr Burger tower,and Mitr0 and Volx facing off just to their west.With the aggressive nature of the OCE Duo,if they can get the faster drop,they could force Mongraal and Mitr0 off their gameplan and into a joint drop.This would be a huge disadvantage for the young EU pair,as they can get frustrated early if they don't get adequate loot and are forced to split resources early.However,Mongraal and Mitr0 are not scared to take early fights,especially if they are able to get any early damage onto their opponent.Their strongest trait is their ability to quickly and precisely pincer opponents at a disadvantage,forcing opponents to always be together for fear of being separated.They also need to be careful of getting out of rhythm since the OCE Duo will always be going at full speed,and if the EU Duo gets set behind ,they are liable to get in their own heads.Expect to see early elims happening between these pairs for the first couple of games until they size each other up.

The other split drop to the north of Neo Tilted is another key battle,and these pairs are also not afraid to battle it out with their opponents.The French Duo of Oslo and NotBadSniper will be facing off directly against Clix and Sceptic,another pair of young lords from NAEast.CLix is known for being insanely aggressive and relentless against his opponents,but he will be faced off directly against NotBadSniper. Sniper has an almost-scary ability to know where opponents will be,and put himself at a positional advantage to exploit any over-aggressive.If Clix makes a mistake,he will be punished,so this 1v1 in particular will be very interesting to watch.Just to the west of them will be the other half of their Duos,with Oslo matching up directly against Sceptic.Both are slightly less proactive than their counterpart,and generally wait for an opponent to leave themselves open before pressing an advantage.Expect these two to be looking to loot quickly and safely,and then get a line of fire to help their opponent.Regardless,Neo Tilted looking to define a new age of champions,as whoever is able to claim Tilted has access to a ton of loot.Which of these Duos will be the new Kings of Tilted?

Tune In This Weekend

All of these early game match-ups have the chance to directly impact the course of every match,and some of these will be championship impacting.Who will get stonewalled at their drop spot?Who will be able to emerge victorious consistently? Who will be able to take their early game success and build it into a Fortnite World Cup title?

Tune into the Fortnite World Cup Finals July 26-28,starting each day at 12:30pm Eastern.Watch in-client or

Credit Story to : Epic Games

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