Quick Heal Button


  • Introducing Quick Heal
    • Allows for Shield and Health consumables to be used more easily.
      • When health or shield are below 100(max) - the quick heal button will display on screen.
    • Separate button that needs to be added manually from the HUD Layout tool.
    • Button Icon displays the current priority items from the player's inventory.
      • Priority 1: Chug Jug over all other healing items.
      • Priority 2: Health Over Shield items. 
      • Priority 3: Medkit Over Bandages.
      • Priority 4: If shields are below 50,Small Shields.
      • Priority 5: If shields are greater or equal to 50,Shield Potions.
  • Added an "X" (Exit) button to close several screens where the "Close" button too small.
  • Players will not get an error message if they try to update the game but have insufficient storage space.  

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