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Damage enemy location and structures by launching a cannonball or become a special delivery by launching yourself.

Pirate Cannon

  • Push the Cannon into position,take aim,and fire! Alternatively,climb into the barrel and launch yourself.
  • The cannon will fire cannonballs or players a great distance.Cannonballs and players can plow through a number of objects before stopping with a bang causing damage and knockback to nearby players.
  • Deals 100 damage to enemies on a direct hit and 50 damage to enemies within a small radius.
  • Found throughout the environment.
  • Pirate Cannon adjustments
    • Adjusted the collision of the Pirate Cannon to ensure the driver's seat is always enterable without needing to nudge the cannon.
    • Moved the seat prompt locations for easier entry into the cannon.
    • Increased the radius of cannonballs and players land explosions from 200 units to 250 units.
    • Reduced cannon impulse/knockback when firing a cannonball while driving or when launching a player.This is unchanged when coasting.
  • Adjusted the equip time of the Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun to match the Uncommon/Rare version.

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