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Reboot Van

Never give up,never surrender! Bring eliminated teammates back into the Battle with Reboot Van. Drop in now and become the hero your team needs.

More Details:

  • Reboot vans have now been added to the map at all major POIs.
  • When squad members are eliminated they now drop their Reboot Card,which can be collected by other squad members.
    • Reboot Vans/Cards are disabled in Solos,Big Team Limited Time Modes,and any modes with respawns enabled.
    • Reboot cards remain in the world for 90s after they have been dropped.
    • Pick up interaction time 0.5 seconds.
  • Bring Reboot Cards to Reboot Vans will bring each squad member whose card has been collected back into battle.
    • Collected Reboot Cards can be turned in by any squad member regardless of which member picked up the Card.
    • Interaction time:10 Seconds.
    • A Reboot Van goes on cooldown and can not be actived again for 120 seconds after it's used.
  • Rebooted squad members return with:
    • 100 health
    • 1 Common Pistol
    • 36 light Ammo
    • 100 Wood

Don't Forget to check out more details about v8.30 Patch Notes UpdateHere.

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