Nerf Rocket Launcher

Epic Games has release a line of Nerf Rocket Launcher and Super Soaker toys with themes based on popular weapons from Battle Royale Game Fortnite.

One of the Fortnite Hasbro toys already available is themed after the game's Rocket Launcher Weapon,but it comes in the Form of a Super Soaker,which is a large water gun.The company plan offer a Nerf Blaster version of the same weapon that will shoot foam darts instead of water,and it's be available early this summer at EPic's Fortnite Summer Block Party.

Message From Fortnite Twitter | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Epic revealed the upcoming Fortnite Summer Block Party in early May.This event is taking place in Los Angeles.The tickets start at $35 to get access to both days of the event.In tweet today,Epic revealed that it will make the NERF Rocket Launcher toy available as limited early these at the event.No additional details were provided,but presumably this mean it will have an inventory of the toy at its Summer Block Party Where attendees can purchase the item.

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