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According to the Epic Games has released the information about the players in Fortnite World Cup Online Open Week 1 of each regions below:


Goons Volx was strong out of the gate,and built a commanding lead.However,slaya excelled through his last few matches,and a 16 elimination/10 place final match put him 1 point above Goons Volx in the closing moment.


Top_FaxFox dominated from the start.He won his first 4 matches,averaging 8 eliminations per match.Starting strong with 72 points in the first half of his games,he would go on to earn 84 total points and earn spot in New York City.


Europe saw solo veterans rise to the top,but some lesser known faces were able to qualify into the Finals.Competition was fierce as E11 Stompy took the spot with 74 points with TQ Prisi0n3r0, on his heels with 72 points. 

NRG benjyfishycame in third place andhREDS BELAEU, grabbed the 4th spot with a clutch last game.Gamebit.letw1k3 was just behind BELAEUwith 66 points,utilizing every game effectively to get well inside the top 8.

Both LDLC Nayte and S2V DiegoGB secured 61 points,claiming the 6th and 7th spots just 3 points clear of the last qualifying spot.The 8th spot came down to a 3-way tie between TrainHDRG, VGIA Khisanth and Solary Airwaks.DRG claimed the top tiebreaker with a well executed victor royale in a Rift-To-Go situation.This addtional victory gave him the final spot from Europe. 


There were six spots were up for grabs for NA-East in a tight competition from start to finish.Sen Bugha took the top spot with 69 points,only 9 points clear of 6th place and only one point ahead of Dubs fnwho came 2nd.Competitive veteran Ghost Bizzle took 3rd with some very consistent games,showing solo experience and practice pays off.

TSM_Comadon secured 4th,with two clutch Victory Royales pushing him 3 points clear of the 5 way tie at 60 points for the last two spots.Victory Royales would again prove to be the difference,givingLiquid Vivid and 100T Ceice the 5th and 6th spots.


The battle in South America came down to the final moments W7M-Nicks stormed out to a huge lead,grabbing eliminations throughout the competition with very impressive numbers,but QUASAR leleo would not be stopped.Playing one less game than Nicks,and going for a more balanced approach of maximizing placement and elimination points,leleo was able to edge Nicks out in his last game by 1 point.


The final region of the first Online Open decided the two spots remaining.Ultimately,snow xd and Bloom Riversanwere able to outstrip the rest of the competition by a good margin.Both played only 8 of their possible 10 matches,managing to score 83 and 80 points,with two of the best average points per game and the only qualifiers with a double digit lead over opponents.

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