Fortnite Pets

There are 3 types of pets,Bonesy the dog, Camo the chameleon and the last on is scales the dragon.Pet reacts in a different way depending on the situation of the player(eg,Gliding,Skydiving knocked down or found a chest).

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1.What are they?

The pets are back bling,and unlocked used like other backpacks or decorative items .The difference is that they are alive,cute and react to what is going to happen. It look like the poor little puppy sitting at the back of you and trying to hang on for dear life when you drop into the battle.

2.How to get them?

You guys can gets all of these pet in your battle pass. Bonesy the dog is unlocked at tier 12 of your battle pass, Camo the chameleon is unlocked at tier 29 and Scales the dragon is unlocked at tier 43. 

3.What do they do?

They look so cute! That's basically it. Epic games doesn't add cosmetics that impact the game- although we have a few questions we will get to later- so having pets that run around and bring you weapons or anything else would unbalance things.

They do react to what's is gonna happen around them.The dog looks fierce when you look down the sights of your gun, and your pet will look worried if you get knocked down in a firefight. 

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