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Over the last several seasons you've noticed and reported cosmetic bugs that have slipped through the cracks.Thanks to this,Epic Games have been able to escalate and triage these issues so Epic Games can work towards fixing them.Epic Games want to let you know that they are actively working on addressing known issues that they've found internally,and the ones you've brought to their attention online.

Known Issues

Wilde OutfitBackblings appear to be floating - Fixed in v9.30

Cloud Strike GliderAppears blurry and compressed - Fixed in v9.30

Point it Out Emote - Strange animation while using the Ripe Rippers Pickaxe - Example

Dire Outfit - Legs appear to stutter when using certain emotes - Example

Clutch Outfit - Arms look bad when using the Drop the Bass emote - Example

PS4 Issue - Can't Emote in the Lobby - Workaround

Wraps - The icon and locker preview appear different.Vision only and the Wraps is still displayed properly when applied in-game. - Example

Shogun Outfit - Certain aspects of the Outfit appear warped - Example

Fortbytes - Can't collect the Bunkey Jonesy or Rox Outfit Fortbytes in some situations - Example

As Fortnite continues to grow and they continue to make improvements to the visual quality and performance of the game,sometimes you flip one switch and accidentally turn off another (not technical terms.).With the large number of cosmetic options,the possibilities of combinations continue to stack week after week,and can cause unforeseen issues.The Good News! Epic Games are actively working on their processes to catch more of these bugs before they go out the door.Hiccups will happen along the way(bugs slip by),but Epic Games want you to know they do see your reports and addressing them is a priority for their team.

Know of an issue with a  cosmetic? Keep bringing them to their attention! Leave comments on any of their social channels following the format below so they can get to work on resolving the issue within a reasonable time frame.


  • Name of cosmetic
  • Description of issue
  • Platform
  • Additional Details/Link to Images   

Credit Story to: Epic Games

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