Arena Matchmaking Improvement & Upcoming AMA Fortnite

Arena MatchMaking Improvement

Shortly After v9.10,Epic Games rolled out a new iteration of Arena Matchmaking logic and have since been reviewing and tweaking the mode.

Previously,Epic Games used the model where you would search for an opponents with a similar amount of hype and that hype range would expand over time to search more widely for suitable players.After 15 minutes of waiting,they would give up and create the best match possible base on the players available at the specific moment.To prevents issues where players with extremely high amounts of Hype would never find each other successfully,anyone over 350 Hype was considered equal for matchmaking purposes.

The main issue of this old model was that all players searching for a game needed to expand their Hype Range to reach each other mutually.This mean that the players in high populations divisions,and greatly reduce occurrences where Champion League players are matched with Open League opponents after an extend wait.Additionally,it should scale into smaller regions during time windows when there are fewer players in the highest and lowest divisions.

They are closely monitoring both queue times and match quality on the new system.They're still actively making adjustments,so you may experience some interruptions as they tweak the new system.Be sure to hop in  and give it a try.

How to Report Bugs

Through the community's help,they've manage to tackle notable issues over the last few weeks at a faster cadence.They will continue to do this,and your help accelerates  their process.The quality of each bug report goes a long way in helping their investigate and troubleshooting problems,particularly with complex competitive issues.Including as mush of the following information in each bug report expedites our internal bug-squashing process.

1.Clear and detailed description of the bug,and when it occurs.

  • The detailed the description,the faster and more accurately they can investigate.
  • Including the date that the bug was experienced on helps them narrow down specific updates and hot-fixes.

2.Platform the bug occurs on:

  • Sometimes,specifics bugs only affect certain platforms.
  • Listing this information also help Epic Games to explore if an issue is occurring on only one platform, or across their entire ecosystem.

3.Video evidence of the bug.

  • A Video is worth 1,000 words.
  • Linking to specific clips allow Epic Games to attempt direct reproduction internally.
  • If you see something,say something!Even if you aren't playing yourself, you can make a difference by clipping bugs and issues while watching your favorite players compete.

4.Players log and the in-game report button.

  • Player log provide direct sight into many different variables that occur in a match.They are incredibly useful to Fortnite team when their triage bugs.
  • You can directly submit  a bug report in-game by navigating to the menu and selecting the 'Feedback'button,which will automatically send this log to Epic Games.Remember to be as detailed as possible within the text fields in game.

AMA Detail

You guys can check out the Story by Epic Games.

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