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According to the Epic games with the launch of Season 9 in Fortnite they're excited to announce that they will be supporting the Arabic language throughout Fortnite.That means no matter where you choose to drop in Battle Royale,what mission you choose in Save the World,or how you plan to build in Creative you'll have the ability to experience it in Arabic. Our player Support team will be fully prepared to assist in Arabic with account or Fortnite related issues.They'll be listening too- if you have feedback to share our Arabic social media channels will be coming online around this period as well.

What about Middle East Servers?

This is an area focused on finding  solution as well,and they hear you calls for dedicated Middle East server support. They're still a few months from having services come online and hope to provide a more meaningful update on server support before then.In the meantime,they're still trying to provide any additional improvements they can for players in Fortnite playing from that region.

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