Fortnite World Cup Finals Celebrity Pro AM

Join us on Friday,July,26th at 4:00 PM EDT for the Celebrity Pro AM at the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

In addition,to an all-new roster of your favorite influencers,pro players,and celebrity entertainers,the Fortnite World Cup Celebrity Pro-AM features two past Pro-AM champions battling it out to be the last Duo standing.

In this exciting match up,2018's Los Angeles Pro-Am winners Ninja + Marshmello will face off against 2019's winners Airwaks + RL Grime.Check out the first full wave of announcements and cheer on your favorites as they compete for the charity of their choice.  

How Do I Watch?

To see which Duos earn the title of champion in this New York City edition for the Fortnite Pro-Am, you can tune in live from your Fortnite client in-game or on any of the following channels:

Credit Story to : Epic Games

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