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With the Fortnite World Cup Finals just around the corner,To help set the stage for the event by giving a quick look back into some of the history of Competitive Fortnite.This blog is the first in a series titled road to the Fortnite World Cup Finals,where we will be looking at some key players from past events that will be making an appearance on the main stage in New York City.

There have been so many highlight reel moments in Competitive Fortnite History,and many of the players who completed them will be competing in the Fortnite World Cup Finals.Let's drive into how some of the top competitors were able to make a name for themselves.

Europe.Mitr0 got his start from the Solo Showdown an Blitz Showdown,being far and away the highest scoring player in the world.He would the proceed to turn that into multiple Skirmish victories and an ascent to the first EU Fortnite star.Meanwhile,his partner Mongraal became known due to his level of mechanical skill,high energy streams and end-game elimination montages.These two have been one of the favorites for the Duo competition since they announced they'd play together,and Mongraal is also a threat to take the Solo crown.

North America boasts arguably one of the best all around Battle Royale and Fortnite players of all time,Turner"Tfue" Tenney.The fall Skirmish winner and long time BR vet will be looking to cement his name as one of Fortnite's premier talents.His practice focuses on putting himself into every situation possible,and having unique strategies to pull out when his back is against the wall.However,Tfue isn't the only of the old guard who will be representing on the Finals stage.

You can not count out the endgame clutch speacialist,Timothy "Bizzle"Miller.He was the original inspiration for most competitive player's movement and survival tactics during each match.Bizzle is always two steps ahead of anyone else in the lobby leading him to multiple wins and high leaderboard placing finishes in multiple tournaments.The Secret Skirmish solos winner hasn't slowed down his pace either,recently taking home the Trios Cash Cup title in NAEast,with Saf and Zayt.

Speaking of Saf,and Zayt, this duo is another one to keep an eye on.Saf won the duos competition at Secret Skirmish,and followed it up with a second place finish in the solos.Immediately after that,Saf and Zayt were able to take home the crown at the Katowice Royale with some incredibly well executed teamwork.Will they be able to keep the momentum rolling in NYC?

Contenders will be coming from all over the globe.X2Twins will be representing OCE in the Solos,and Jordan is no stranger to playing on the big stage,having been on of the few international players to bring home a win on a main Fortnite Stage.TOP FaxFox will be looking to continue his winning ways.The Winningest solo player during the qualifiers,he was also at the Korean Open with a solid performance.Finally the Brazilian Wunderkid Nickss will look to eliminate the rest of the field with his aggressive style.The definitive strongest player coming from the region during the open qualifiers,will nickss be able to match up with the mechanical beasts of the other regions?

Each of these Competitive Veterans will be looking to continue building on their legacy in New York City.Their competitive success and history,combined with the support of their fans,have already caused most of the Fortnite World to have their eyes on them.Will any of these players be able to break the ceiling of their stardom and crown themselves the first Fortnite World Cup champion? Or will one of these veterans be toppled by the horde of hungry players looking to name themselves among the best Fortnite players in the World.

Tune into the Fortnite World Cup Finals July 26-28,starting each day at 12:30pm Eastern.Watch in-client or

Story Credit to : Epic Games

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