What's Next For Competitive Fortnite?

We wrapped up the Fortnite World Cup Finals last weekend and gave away over $30 million in cash prizes to our Creative,Duos,and Solo competitors.You may be asking yourself,what's next for competitive fortnite?Let's dive into what the second half of 2019 look like!

Fortnite Champion Series 

Starting with Season X, we'r kicking off the Fortnite Champion Series.This in-game tournament series will have a persistent leaderboard where players can track their progress towards becoming the Seasonal Champion in each of the server regions.The mode for this inaugural Fortnite Champion Series will be Trios.

The action kick off August 17.Over the course of five weeks,teams will fight for dedicated prize pools each Saturday and Sunday as well as a chance to qualify for the Season X Championship.The top team in each server region will then face off on September 20,21,and 22 where regional Season X Champion will be crowned.

What's on Line?    

Each even will have an independent prize pool.It all adds up to millions of dollars in prizes given away over the course of the first Fortnite Champion Series.

How do I compete more often?

We'll also have more opportunities to compete on a consistent basis with smaller tournaments during the week.On Wednesday and Thursday starting August 21st,we will host single day Solo Cash Cups.The Wednesday cup is open to anyone at Contender level or above in Arena while the Thursday Cup requires Champion Status.Trios Cash Cups will be on Fridays Starting August 23.  

Fortnite Spotlight

We have one more sneak peek into the future....Fortnite spotlight!

What is Fortnite Spotlight?

It is a series of tournaments to shine a light on event organized and led by members of the passionate,talented,and Creative Fortnite content creator community from all over the globe. 

This is just the beginning.Look for events coming soon from creators in your regions! 

Credit Story to : Epic Games

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