Update On Trios & Xbox Cup And Fortnite World Cup Finals

Trios Cup 

Kicking things off,Epic Games want to acknowledge the state they launched the trios Cup this past weekend.It went live with the incorrect playlist settings,something they should have caught with additional testing.To make up for this error on their end,this Sunday,July 21st,they'll be running another Trios tournament with semi-finals and finals rounds all in one day.

This time, the top 150 teams in the semi-finals will move into the final round.So gear up,practice with your Trios crew,and get ready for another shot at a chunk of the $1 million prize pool.

Note:Storm Flip will remain disabled for Arena and all Tournaments,including the Fortnite World Cup,until Season 10 launch.This will be re-evaluated during the new season.

Xbox Cup

Epic Games also have an exciting opportunity for Xbox players with an exclusive Solos tournament this weekend featuring a $1 million prize pool.

This semi-finals for this tournament will be on Saturday,July 20th and will be open to all Fortnite Xbox players,with the top 3000 players qualifying for the finals on Sunday,July 21st.Stay tuned for more tournaments across all their platforms! You can find the official rules here,including start times.


The Fortnite World Cup Finals is just around the corner,and they've released a limited amount of additional tickets to the previously Sold Out event.This past week Epic Games have released an additional 3000 tickets to the Fortnite World Cup Finals for purchase.These tickets range in price from $50 - $100 based on seating,so if you missed your chance at a ticket, get one here!

Make sure you don't miss any Fortnite World Cup Finals action by keeping up on all the news both on their competitive Twitter (@FNCompetitive)and the Fortnite World Cup website.

Credit Story to : Epic Games

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