Tickets For The Fortnite World Cup Finals

The Fortnite World Cup Finals takes place at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center's Arthur Ashe Stadium,in New York City,from July 26-28.Heads-up,that a limited number of additional tickets have been made available to the previously sold-out Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Grab a remaining tickets and stop by to experience the top Fortnite players in the world cup competing for $30,000,000 dollars on the line!

Where can you guys get tickets?

Check out here to get your seat.

  • All ticketed fans who attend the three day event will receive V-bucks and a Season 10 Battle Pass(must be present to claim items).
  • Each attendee will receive a swag bag,including exclusive items ONLY available at the Fortnite World Cup Finals.
  • Attendance to the Fortnite Fan Festival.

Meet more than 20 of your favorite characters,like Tomatohead and Brite Bomber;visit attractions like the Pirate Ship,Fortnite Mini Golf and beyond;dine at Durr Burger,Sofdeez Ice Cream Shop and other in-game eateries brought to lfe; and complete your real-world Battle Pass to earn even more exclusive,limited edition collectibles. 

When Does All The Action Happen?

July 26 - Day 1

Creative Finals And Celebrity Pro-Am

9:30am - Fan Festival opens

11:30am - Doors open to arena

1:00pm - Show starts

July 27 - Day 2

Duos Finals

9:30am - Fan Festival opens

11:30am - Doors open to arena

1:00pm - Show starts

July 28 - Day 3

Solos Finals

9:30am - Fan Festival opens

11:30am - Doors open to arena

1:00pm - Show starts

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in possession of their own ticket.

Can't attend?You can tune in on any of the following channels for all the action!

Credit Story to: Epic Games

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