Road To The Fortnite World Cup Finals 4

This is the final blog in the series,which means the World Cup is just around the corner! Now that's you are met some of the Veterans in our first piece,learned about some potential players you may not have heard of in the Dark Horses blog,and read about how they might interact early game in Crossing paths,it's time to set the stage for New York City.What is really different about playing on the stage? What changes have happened in game? How are the competitors going to be able to deal with the adversity of playing in a different environment?This piece will talk about one of the critical skills for Fortnite Champions,adapting under pressure,with the specific focus on the World Cup environment.

The Fortnite World Cup Finals will be some of the most intense Battle Royale matches that have ever been played.There have been some slight changes in the meta and some differences in terms of format from the Qualifiers that the players will need to consider when coming up with their gameplan.Let's dive into the main aspects that these competitors will be considering when playing in the finals.

Open Qualifier vs .Finals

The Online Open Qualifiers meant that every player who wanted a chance to compete got one.This meant that lobbies would be unpredictable at times.Sometimes players would end up with eight people at their drop spot,while the next match there would be no one in sight.However,with consistently the same 100 players in the match,Fortnite World Cup Finals competitors are able to have slightly more predictable early game scenarios.This allows for players to get analytical,to go back through and study where their opponents drop,where they like to rotate and how to best take advantage of that information.

Players who are able to execute on their battle plan are setting themselves up for success with a strong and consistent early game.But it can also cause problems when the early game doesn't go well.How will players adapt if they get eliminated right off the drop? What if it happens again?Who has prepared a back-up landing spot?How well did you study who is dropping in another spot?These are all major factors that will play into these players decision making.

We also saw how week after week,the competition level rose from each Semo-Final to Final.The top 3000 in each region battling it out was an incredible display of skill,but now it is going to be the best of the best in every fight.There is no easy point in the field,and everyone has risen to the top out of millions.How will this impact decision making? Will certain aggressive players be a little less apt to go after someone else,knowing the skill level of their opponent? Or will we see the walls get thrown down,even under the lights of the main stage?

Online vs.In-Person

Perhaps the biggest difference for many of these players will be playing under the lights and in front of the crowd on the main stage.This is an environment that very few people have ever been in before,let alone had to perform at their absolute best in order to even compete.How much will experience play a factor? Will we see the veterans who have been to major events be able to slip into the zone right away? Will the newcomers fold under the pressure?

On top of all of those factors,how will the actual gameplay change?What is it like going against 98 or 99 of the best players in the world?How does that change every engagement? Will people be more nervous to push someone else,knowing you can't just queue up right away?Will the "0ping wall takers"be as strong and aggressive? Will players be willing to risk challenging for high ground,knowing that you could be building straight into Stompy,or Tfue or Dubs?These are all questions that can only be answered when these titans take the stage and get onto the island.Now that the stage is set,we are only moments away from the start of the Fortnite World Cup.Tine into see how it all plays out! 

Tune into the Fortnite World Cup Finals July 26-28,starting each day at 12:30pm Eastern.Watch in-client or

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