Road To The Fortnite World Cup Finals 2

While the Competitive Veterans blog focused on some of the more common names you hear inn the competitive Fortnite World,this one will focus on some of the lesser well known players.The goal is to give you an idea of what makes these individuals successful,what the defining factor of their play style is and a little bit about how they got here.Let's take a look at some of the Dark Horses who have a shot to take home the Championship.

While most of the Fortnite world is familiar with the Tfues,Mongraals and X2Twins of the world,there are so many additional incredibly talented players who will be taking the stage at the Finals in New York City.Here are some of the players who might not have as much of the fame,but are capable of taking down anyone else in the field and could end up a Fortnite World Cup Champion.

Referred to as one of the strongest player in Europe yet still flying low under the radar of most fans and viewers,Theo "Crue" Ferre,a double qualified player for the Valhalla vikings,has the skill set,attitude,and experience to match any other player in the field.Qualifying for the EU winter Royale Semi-Finals was just the first step in Crue's consistent run in Competitive Fortnite.Since then,he has qualified and placed within the top 40 consistently in almost every Open event within Fortnite,showing that his strength is consistency and adaptation to a meta that changes constantly.His partner for the duos portion of the cup,Moussa "CHapix" Faour will also be able to take a swing in the Duos segment of the Fortnite World Cup Finals.When both of these competitors get an early and successful rotation,they can set up and bait top players into positional traps near the end game,racking up more and more points as the circles start to move.Setting up funnel strategies like this on Finals day is going to be the win condition for Crue in Solos,and both Crue and Chapix in Duos.Their high game sense combined with months of synergy make them players with an accelerated understanding of game mechanics and movement patterns.Crue has an amazing opportunity to make an impact in both Solos and Duos,so keep an eye on where these guys are on the ladder.

Late game and those final clutch moments in a really close competitive Fortnite game are very important.To get to those big moving circle rotations that help to survive the rest of the match,you are going to need to have a strong early game.This is where NAE's Solo qualifier Jonatham "Nittle" Weinmen swoops in harder than anyone else,always getting an early elimination or two,removing of the game.Qualifying in week 4, Nittle's aggressive use of pushes early with precise aim and unorthodox angles always makes him start and end a fight with some of the biggest advantages you can possibly see.He's used his success in the Qualifier weeks to network with other players such as Crimz and Spades,who formed a trio with Nittle,grabbing the second place spot in the first Trios Cash Cup.Playing as an endgame position-focused duo gives nittle an extra boost in Solos,rounding out his repertoire an truly making him an ultimate beast of a player early game(and now late game as well).A fully rounded out player going into the Fortnite World Cup Finals with momentum from a high placing tournament finish is a formula built for victory.Anyone and anything in Nittle's path is up for grabs,whether that's eliminations,or the title of Solo Fortnite World Cup Champion.

International expectations have been ramping up these past few weeks,and one interaction has been going underway in pro level scrimmages for a few weeks now.OCE's aggressive duo Parpy and Volx have been causing ripples across NAE games,moving over to NA to get vital practice and fully prepare for the Fortnite World Cup Duo Finals.This Duo's signature style of fighting has top pros on their heels,always getting tags down first and seamlessly switching between roles amongst themselves mid fight,as well as during late game on rotation.Like two puzzle pieces making up a picture,no other Duo utilizes and exploits their positing quite as quick or as efficiently in a box fight like Parpy and Volx.Using heavy snipers and unorthodox loadouts as a tool to get in closer and to start fights,one big advantage these competitors have is being the leaders in every engagement and controlling the pace of whatever fight they have with their full-one pressure style from the get-go.Recently,the Duo placed 21st during the Trios Cash Cup in NAE,a region where the strategies,meta,and gamestyle is drastically different.They have already adjusted to how aggressively things work in two different regions,and are about to start putting the pressure on global domination as they finish up practice for the main event.

Over in the South American region,Argentina Fortnite prodigy Tiago "k1ng" Lapp has been making waves and double qualified through controlled aggressive play.A player on 9z team,he pushed the limits in a region where only the pinnacle of placements and gameplay would allow you to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup.K1ng's use of patience and timing,especially in box fights and endgame,messes up the traditional rhythm most players are used to following allowing him to take shots and drop down on players when they are at their most vulnerable.Pioneering the strategy in South American serves of waterfalling down and "all-inning" players with a vertical advantage from odd angles,k1ng shreds the player count.His specialty is in earning high back-to-back eliminations before he queues up for another.Like a snake charmer he can expect and read opponents with dangerous fangs,moving them exactly where he wants to before he strikes,every move methodical yet tactically aggressive.Qualifying with only eight games played and a total of 144 points,k1ng will use the advantage he has with double qualifying and being able to absorb as much information as possible during Solos to apply to Duos,potentially bringing out another efficient and repeat performance with record breaking averages.

Will any of these players be able to show the world that they are among the best of the best? Will a new player rise to the fore of the Fortnite scene? or will the old guard of veterans be able to hold off the horde of hungry newcomers? The ultimate Victory Royale is there for the taking,and any of these players have the ability to take home the title of Fortnite World Cup Champion.

Tune into the Fortnite World Cup Finals July 26-28,starting each day at 12:30pm Eastern.Watch in-client or

Credit Story to : Epic Games

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