Competitive Game Integrity

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Epic Games has continuously monitors competitive play in all regions and will take action against unfair play if necessary.Wanna know more details check out here.

Tournament Integrity Actions

Anyone found to be breaking the rules will be disqualified and penalized.Penalizes may include a warning,a temporary competitive ban(duration will be determined by Epic),removal from competitive play permanently,or a permanent ban from fortnite. Penalties may be escalated if an account has received prior penalties in tournaments.

world cup online open week 1 integrity action taken check out here.

Teaming Detection

As some of you are already aware,Epic Games recently added a real-time teaming detection algorithm to competitive play,including tournament and Arena Games.This is in addition to the offline teaming detection they already had in place.In 8.40,they turned of this detection in custom matches to allow content creators greater freedom to experiment on the island,but it remains enabled in all competitive play.

They are working on improving the teaming detection so they can enable it in all game modes while also allowing for fun,playful interactions with other players.They'll make an announcement when the new detection goes live in those modes.

As mentioned,if they discover teaming during a tournament they will action those users accordingly.Don't be those players.


Internally they occasionally use server replays to verify tournament integrity,and you can check them out too.Click here to check out how you can view the world cup - online week 1 replays in the Fortnite client.

See Something? Say Something Nicely 

Epic Games appreciate the community's concern around the integrity of the competition,but questioning the results of an individual participant without direct evidence unfairly tears apart what should be a crowning moment of achievement for an individual or team who earned their way there and performed when it counted.

If you do have a competitive integrity issue that you'd like to report or have a question about competitive play,please contact through Epic Games player support team.They'll help to make sure that your inquiry will end up in the right place.

You can also report players in-game for cheating,exploiting,harassment,and more.Your reports are  instrumental in helping Epic Games identify potential bad dudes quickly.  

Credit Story to: Epic Games

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