Abandon Match Issues in FNCS

Hey Fortnite competitors,

There has been a recurring issue that causes a member of a squad to disconnect while loading into a match. When this happens, an error message will be displayed to your squad, giving you the option to continue the match or abandon it so that does not count.

Upon clicking " continue match" teams can then play out the match but their points were not recorded nor added to the leaderboard.

Epic Games are beginning the process of manually correcting all point issue that occurred during the FNCS weekly Finals (Round 3) of each region due to this issue. As a result of their error, we will retroactively award updated prizes to the corrected top teams, but also will not remove prizing from any team who qualified under the incorrect results.

Repairing the scores may impact which teams advance to the FNCS season finals, and teams previously in a qualification position may fall out of their previously held placement. Please refer to the updated leaderboards once they are posted to determine which teams have qualified for the FNCS Season Finals.

Epic Games are continuing to monitor the issue and are working toward a resolution. In the meantime, if you run into this issue, please submit feedback via the in-game settings with the text "missing squad".

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