Retail Row

Retail Row

A Rift Zone has turned Mega Mall back into Retail Row,and prices have dropped significantly.These discounts come at the cost of increased danger-bargain.Crazed Fiends are spawning in the Rift Zone,and they want the shopping center all to themselves.

Check out the video below:

Credit Video to: Fortnite

  • Retail Row
    • A Rift-Zone has replaced the Mega Mall POl with Retail Row.
      • Retail Row now spawns hordes of Fiends who charge at players.
        • Fiends may drop a weapon,consumable,or ammo upon being eliminated.
        • Fiends cannot go outside the Retail Row Rift Zone.
  • Chests and ammo containers will now open when destroyed.
    • Known issue:Destroying a Chest or ammo container by destroying the object it is place on will not open it.
      • We plan to have this issue resolved in the v10.20 Update.

Check out the full v10.10 Patch Notes Here.

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