Limited time event: Team Rumble

Team Rumble Limited Time Mode

Drop into the fun in a brand new Limited Time Mode or pump it up with new rarities for the Pump Shotgun. Deploy R.O.S.I.E with the latest Constructor to make their deut and Canny Valley Act 2 arrives !

Team Rumble LTM | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Be the first team to eliminate 100 enemies to earn a Victory Royale in this Limited Time Mode.

Team Rumble - Overview:

Team Rumble will have 100 players divided into 5 teams with each of 20 players in 1 team. With one same goal to get 100 kills. It is a free for all event where anybody can join. 

Team Rumble provide a huge action packed experience for players to improve their aggression, shooting skills and team work in other to eliminate 100 players from the opposing side.

Team Rumble - Rule & Review:

  • Players need to team up and try to reach the 100 eliminations goal in other to win the match. It's a race against the other 4 team to show which team can eliminate highest number of enemies.
  • Players will respawn after 5 seconds after getting eliminated.
  • You'll get to keep your loot and retain your inventory even you get elminated so you can fight when you respawn.
  • Players who get eliminated will randomly drop ammunition or materials such as 120 Wood, 90 Stone , 60 Metal. These materials will keep your fight go because you need it to build in other to initiate other enemies and protect from get under fire.
  • Uncommon and other Rarities  available in Team Rumble. This to make sure that all players can deal a lot of damage and eliminate more opponenets to help your team.

Team Rumble - Tips:

Team Rumble purpose is to improve players aggression and playstyle to the next level. This is a huge advantage for all other players.  

  • Alway be aggressive. Don't be afraid to die because you will respawn. Trying to get as many kill as you can because the more you kills the better you are and you will have more material to continue your fight.
  • Stick with teammate is the best way to get kill and protection. You can also cover more ground and cover each other back from enemies.

Team Rumble is a great game mode to complete your challenges, get more XP and earn more Battle Stars. So try to complete as many time as you can because this is the best way to get tons of XP out of it.

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