Limited time event: Lil'Kev challenges

Lil'Kev challenges guide for players who really want to obtain the insanely rare back blings in fortnite. Remember time is limited in this event.

Lil'Kev Overview

Lil'Kev: Time limited event in Fortnite Battle Royale - zilliongamer

Meet Lil'Kev

After Kevin the Cube has come to an end Lil'Kev or Lil Kevin has come to be the memory after all the amazing thing that happen to Kevin the Cube in other to make Kevin the Cube remebered the Devs team decide to make Lil'Kev up as a special limited super rare back blings for those who want to feel that kevin still on their back.

Lil'Kev are now available and will provide players with a special back blings for the completion. 

Lil'Kev is a small black cube with googly eyes and is really cute plus it fit perfect on player back when they wear it.

Meet Lil'Kev in Fortnite Battle Royale - zilliongamer

Epic Games has confimed that Lil'Kev challenges won't last forever, it will leave when the limited time come.

So don't hesitate and try to complete the quest in other to obtain the super cute and rare back blings. You surely don't want to miss Lil'Kev.

Lil'Kev Challenges

Here is what you need to complete in other to obtain Lil'Kev. 

There are 3 quests wiating for you to solve in other to get Lil'Kev.

Lil'Kev Challenges Quest in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Play 15 Matches500XP
Gain 5,000xp500XP
Outlive Opponents500XP

Lil'Kev Challenges Duration

Nov 4,2018Mon 11,2018

Lil'Kev Challenges Guide

This Lil'Kev Challenges need to be comepleted before Monday 11, 2018 otherwise you will lose the chance of getting Lil'Kev.

1. Play 15 matches

Lil'Kev Challenge 1 in Fortnite Battle Royale

The first Challenge is quite easy, player will only haves to play 15 matches before Monday 11,2017.

2. Gain 5,000XP

Lil'Kev Challenges 2 in Fortnite Battle Royale

In other to get this amount of XP you have to grind for a good spot and a good kill in other to secure the XP but keep in mind you only have 10 days left to get Lil'Kev.

Try to get as many as kill as you can during one game. Try to reach top 10 so the xp algorithm will increase.

3.Outlive Opponents

Lil'Kev challenges 3 in Fortnite Battle Royale

Take fight where you can gurrentee kill your opponents. Try to sneak up on your opponents is a good method to use in other to outlive them. Facing a great player will be a bit tough.

Took most fight when somebody fight with you, try to win them with the momentum in your head waiting for Lil'Kev to be on your back.

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