5 mistakes beginner players make

5 Mistakes Beginner Players Make | zilliongamer your game guide

1. Saving Too much Materials 

Materials | Fortnite - zilliongamer

Materials is very important during combat because you need it to build as a cover or a highground or sometimes a way to push your enemies, but spending 5-7 minutes getting 999Woods,999Bricks,999Irons in early isn't worth it, You might only need 100 to 200 Woods for a build fight with other players. After winning a fight you have a big chance of getting back all your Materials from them. So stop wasting or saving it, Spend it wisely.

2. Drinking Big Shield Potion instead of Mini Shield Potion

Big Shield Potion | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guideMini Shield Potion | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Beginner tend drink Big Shield Potion when ever they find them without realizing that they can easily find Mini Shield Potion. When ever you find Big Shield Potion just keep it and wait to drink Mini Shield Potion instead. 

Mini Shield Potion Fill 25% Shield.

Big Shield Potion  Fill 50% Shield.

Drink 2 Mini Shield Potion then drink 1 Big Shield Potion so you can get 100% shield.


Drink 1 Big Shield Potion first  you will get 50% shield and you won't be able to use the Mini Shield Potion because it can only use when you have below 50% Shield.

3. Hit the chest

Hitting the chest | Fortnite - zilliongamer


Common beginner tends to hit the chest instead of open it. STOP IT, you won't be getting any thing from DESTROYING IT, you OPEN IT.

4. Take a fight that they shouldn't

Taking fight that you shouldn't take | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Begginer Players often start shooting immediately when they spot an enemys in meduim or long ranges, Well that is not wrong if you have a guarentee shot on them but if you don't, You better not and instead of shooting them try to find a closer way to get near them and get a guarentee kill. Good Players often build around themselve when they get shot down and it will make you even harder to shoot down their build from medium to long range.

5. Stop camping in bush or home.

Bush Man | Fortnite - zilliongamer your game guide

Yes Bush Man. Bush Camping is a very good tactic, some people might notice some might don't and you will have a sweet stealth kill on those who dosen't notice, but if you think about long terms, You can't be camping inside a bush all the time and not getting killed. You won't improve your building skill because all you do is siting and pretending as a bush in the middle map all times and wait for 1 player to walk past you and then you sneak attack them. Using the bush man tactic against a good player won't last you a chance because they know clearly between a real bush and a bush man. The Same to camping inside the house. Fortnite house is not indestructible you took 3 CLINGER or 3 ROCKET then bomb you house is gone.

That is it for 5 Mistakes Beginner Players Make, Hopy you like it. STOP CAMPING BUSH BUSH MAN.

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