M3 World Championship, Rules, Group Stage, Prize Pool

Welcome To Mobile Legends Bang Bang - M3 World Championship. The Details about tournament rules, teams, and prize pool can be found down below.


M3 World Championship will start on December 6, 2021, with the Highest Prize of all-time $800,000. All 16 teams will be competing in this tournament following the rules:

  • The top two teams in each group will go to the Upper Bracket. The Upper Bracket game will be play in Best of 5 (BO5). 
  • The bottom two teams in each group will go to the Lower Bracket and play in the Best of 3(BO3) until round three.
    • After round three The Lower Bracket will be play in Best of 5 (BO5).
  • The Grand Final Day will be play in Best of 7 (BO7),


There are 16 teams that compete in this M3 World Champions Tournament and divided into 4 groups. Down below is the name of teams in each group.

1. Blacklist International Blacklist International MLBB - zilliongamer

2. Red Canids Kalunga Red Canids- Kalunga MLBB - zilliongamer

3. BloodThirstyKings BloodthirstyKings MLBB - zilliongamer

4. Malvinas Gaming Malvinas Gaming MLBB - zilliongamer

5. Team SMG Team SMG MLBB - zilliongamer

6. SeeYouSoon SeeYouSoon MLBB - zilliongamer

7. ONIC Esports ONIC Esports MLBB - zilliongamer

8. ONIC PH ONIC PH MLBB - zilliongamer

9. RRQ Hoshi RRQ Hoshi MLBB - zilliongamer

10. GX Squad GxSquad MLBB - zilliongamer

11. Vivo Keyd Vivo Keyd MLBB - zilliongamer

12. EVOS SG EVOS SG MLBB - zilliongamer

13. RSG SG RSG SG MLBB - zilliongamer

14. Todak Todak MLBB - zilliongamer

15. Navi Navi MLBB - zilliongamer

16. Bedel Bedel MLBB - zilliongamer

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Blacklist International MLBB - zilliongamerONIC Esports MLBB - zilliongamerEVOS SG MLBB - zilliongamerTeam SMG MLBB - zilliongamer
Red Canids- Kalunga MLBB - zilliongamerONIC PH MLBB - zilliongamerSeeYouSoon MLBB - zilliongamerRRQ Hoshi MLBB - zilliongamer
Malvinas Gaming MLBB - zilliongamerTodak MLBB - zilliongamerNavi MLBB - zilliongamerGxSquad MLBB - zilliongamer
Bedel MLBB - zilliongamerVivo Keyd MLBB - zilliongamerBloodthirstyKings MLBB - zilliongamerRSG SG MLBB - zilliongamer

Prize Pool

PlacingPrize Pool
1st Place$300,000
2nd Place$120,000
3rd Place$80,000
4th Place$55,000
5th - 6th Place$40,000
7th - 8th Place$30,000
9th - 12th Place$15,000
13th - 16th Place$10,000


All in All, M3 World Championship will be on 6 December 2021 - End on 19 December 2021 with the highest Prize Pool of All-time. All the MLBB fans can watch the tournament on Facebook, & Youtube of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

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