Brawl Stars Championship 2022 Format, Rules & Prize Pool

Brawl Stars Championship 2022 is started! Find the detailed information about BSC 2022 featuring format, rules, and prize pool here.

Event Date

The Brawl Stars Championship Challenge will start on Thursday - Saturday this week. For the rest of the year, the Challenge will revert to the regular Friday - Sunday schedule. Get those 15 wins to open up the Monthly Qualifiers!

Format & Rules

The monthly Qualifier will be Double Elimination and both theses and Monthly Finals will use the pick/ban Power Match format known from Club- and Power League.

Competitive Map Pool

  • Hot Zone - Parallel Plays
  • Hot Zone - Ring of Fire
  • Hot Zone - Dueling Beetles
  • Knockout - Goldarm Gulch
  • Knockout - Flaring Phoenix
  • Knockout - Belle's Rock
  • Heist - Hot Potato
  • Heist - Bridge Too Far
  • Heist - Safe Zone

Brawl Stars team have updated World Finals allocation, with more regional spots going to NA & LATAM N as well as EECA! 

Read Full Ruleset Here

Prize Pool

The prize pool of Brawl Stars Championship 2022 will be increased to nearly $2 Million. All 8 teams from each Monthly Finals will now be able to get the prize that was different from last year, only the top 4 teams for the most regions.


All the fans can follow up the Monthly Finals on their event site starting March 5 to unlock new pins.

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