How to sell Weapons, Dragons, Wyrmprint

Step 1: " Access to your items collection"

Go ot Team page you will see Collection button(Like the picture we do the sign for you)just click on it, it will take you to another page


Step 2: " Choose things that you want to sell" 

After that you will come to this page, on the top there are many lists to select such as Adventures, Weapons, Wyrmprints, and Dragons. On the right bottom, just click on that sell button and select any item that you wanna sell it, do the same thing on other page too. You can not sell your Adventurers.


Step 3: " See what you will get after selling"

At the bottom of this page is the value of your Weapons, Wyrmprints, or Dragons that you gain after selling it. You can get Eldwater and Rupies when you sell your Wyrmprints and Dragons, but Weapons can get only Rupies.



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