Getherwings Guide

What is Getherwings?

Getherwings Getherwings Getherwings

Getherwings is a energy item that used when you playing a co-op game as a guest. You required 1 getherwings when you join as a guest to play in Beginner and Standard Quests, 2 getherwings in Expert and Master Quests.

Maximum getherwings

The maximum number you can hold is 12.

Note: Unlike stamina, the maximum number of getherwings you can hold will not increase along with your player level.

Getherwings restoration

Getherwings restores at a rate of one every 60 minutes. Your getherwings will stop refilling when it reach to maximum. For example, if your getherwings reach to 12/12, you will not gain it anymore as time passes.

Getherwings can also be restored with diamantium, wyrmite, and certain items. Such items can restore your getherwings beyond the maximum. To store it just go to game home page, on the top you will see getherwings and click a plus (+) sign to choose how you want to restore.

Ethon Ashes

Moreover, if you have an item ( Ethon Ashes ) to restore one getherwings when your are at 12/12, you will than have 13/12. But it also has a limited, you can not gain more than 99/12, when you reach this amount you can not obtain anymore.


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