Currency Types

In Dragalia Lost there are several types of currrency that use to summoning, crafting, or other uses.

 Rupies Rupies

Rupies are used in the construction of several things in castle, and used in weapon crafting and enhancement. And used to buy the upgrade material from Shop everyday.

After you finished the battle, an amount of Rupies are rewarded. Defeating the monsters, smashing the boxes and opening chests will increase the amount of Rupies earned from completing a level. It also can earned from Rupie mine in the castle, but it slow. The best place to earn Rupies is the Avenue to Fortune in the event quests.

 Wyrmite Wyrmite

Wyrmite is the earnable currency, this can be get from login bonuses, event rewards, endeavor clearing reward, and clearing stories and stages in the main compaign. It is important to use for summoning the items, adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints.

 Mana Mana

Mana is used to active nodes in Mana Circles for gain the power to the adventurers, skills, co-abilities, force strikes, and abilities. 

Mana can earned from clearing the quests rewards, Dragon's Roost, Item Summon, defeating a rare monter in the battles. Also when someone selected your adventurers for being a helper in the battles you can also get Mana.

 Eldwater Eldwater

Eldwater is hard to obtain, and also the valuable. It is for upgrading your adventurers to a higher rarity. Also for unlocking certain node in the Mana Circle.

Eldwater is obtained whenever a duplicate Adventurer is summoned, a Wyrmprint is sold, and is a reward for daily endeavours. Large one-time Eldwater rewards can be obtained by competing Campaign Chapters on Hard Mode.

• Eldwater cost to promote Adventurers

3-stars 2,500 eldwater

4-stars 25,000 eldwater

• Pulling duplicate Adventurers from summoning

3-stars 150 eldwater

4-stars 1,000 eldwater

5-stars 3,000 eldwater

• Selling Dragons and Wyrmprints

3-stars 150 eldwater

4-stars 1,000 eldwater

5-stars 3,000 eldwater

 Diamantium Diamantium

Diamantium is a premium currency, that can get it from purchase in the real cashes. It used to buy special items and other pieces of equipment. As we know all the games if you want the items easily just pay for it.


Just click here on your game homepage to look at the price of Diamantium.

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