To My Beloved

To My Beloved | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint

To My Beloved

Original Wyrmprint

To My Beloved

Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 time unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-20)

The world is alive with talk of Valentine's, and when deciding on a gift for my beloved, I was recommended a bouquet of roses and some chocolate. Will they help to make my feelings for her clear, I wonder?

Stage 2

(Level 21-30)

Whenever I've sent gifts in the past, it's ended in failure—that wooden bear carving was especially disastrous. But today, I break that cycle!

Stage 3

(Level 31-40)

The florist recommended the perfect number of vivid Valentine's roses, and promised they would make a gift beyond measure.

Stage 4

(Level 41-50)

Naturally, I chose the finest chocolates I could find to accompany them. The candy maker crafted a smiling dragon that is guaranteed to make one's feelings known. Just hearing that filled me with confidence!

Stage 5

(Level 51-60)

I'm dressed sharply, my flowers and chocolates are perfect...all that's left is to find the words that express how I truly feel. Wait for me, my beloved— I promise to make you happy.

Power Details

Rarity3 Stars
Obtained FromArdent Admirers Summon Showcase
Sell Value300 Rupies + 150 Eldwater
Featured Characters None
Release DateFebruary / 14 / 2019


Skill Prep 

Skill Prep

Level 1: Fills 10% of skill gauges at the start of quests.
Level 2: Fills 15% of skill gauges at the start of quests.


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